Everything Stems from Love or Fear – Part 1/2

Although we are not aware of it, all of our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, reactions, and actions stem from either Love, or they stems from Fear.

Coming from LOVE we are happy, contented, feel empowered, have harmony in our life, and are able to create healthy relationships.

Coming from FEAR, we may often be frustrated, feel disempowered, are tentative,  aggressive, blame others, and we often experience conflict in life and our relationships.

When our mind is calm and we feel happy, light-hearted, worry-free, and we are able to embrace our passions we are aligned to our True Self. To Source. To the love within. Connected to this love within, our attitudes and behaviors reflect the qualities of LOVE.

(Below, Illustration 4 shows some of the aspects of LOVE)

When our mind is in overdrive, we cannot focus, or, we are consumed with worry, blame, judgement or any other negative or disempowering thoughts or feelings. When in these states, we are disconnected from our True Self.

Disconnected from our True Self, we are at the beck and call of our mind and its unease, worry, judgments, etc. Thoughts or shadows from the past affect our current awareness, so our attitudes and behaviors reflect the qualities of FEAR these engender.

Connected to our True Self, we feel calm and deal with life as it is presented to us today. We are connected to the peace and love within, so our attitudes and behaviors reflect the qualities of LOVE.  Thoughts or shadows from the past do not affect our current awareness.

(Below, Illustration 5 shows some aspects of FEAR)

We are all born connected to this love within. To our True Self. However, over the years we have gathered impressions from our life experiences, or from what we have witnessed.

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Archetypes Act As Conduits to Help Us, and to Strengthen Latent Qualities Within Us

If in the past we experienced or witnessed mostly loving, compassionate, uplifting, non-judgmental attitudes and acceptance of others we will have a positive outlook on life as our connection to our True Self will have remained quite strong.

However, if growing up the attitudes and behaviors we experienced or witnessed were mostly unloving, and the people around us were controlling, judgmental, or cruel and their aim was to disempower, we will likely have a negative attitude about life as our connection to the love within will have been weakened. However, a negative past can be overcome.

Sometimes being around negative and unloving people creates such an impact on us that we reject the negativity and become positive and loving. Or, one person in our life may have positively influenced us so much so that the spark of love was kept alive within us

Unhealed emotions from past negativity still stuck within us need a voice. This is most often released in dysfunctional ways.

Unaddressed emotions affect our self-esteem. Our level of confidence. The will to do. We may be indecisive. Depression, lethargy, bad habits, or even addictions may surface. We may become overly passive and/or passive aggressive. Or, we project our unhealed emotions out into the world as aggressive behaviors. Conflicts ensue.

Everything Stems from Love or Fear


Connecting to and Expressing Love’s qualities is at the heart of our peace and happiness, our harmony with others, and the cornerstone of healthy and harmonious relationships.

Everything Stems from Love or Fear


Fear is at the root of all of our issues. We do not recognize it as such, as it masks itself in many different manifestations that aim to protect us. However, these create confusion within us, keep us in limitation, and bring disharmony to our relationships. 

Everything Stems from Either Love or Fear

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Newsletter September 2019, I Have Evolved So May Have You

As I wrap up Book 2, Overcoming Unconscious Influences,*  of my new series I discuss some of the nuances to becoming our Best Self. I explain that we must not only forgive those around us for what they have or have not done, but we must also allow for them to have evolved past who they were then – just as we have likely evolved from who we once were. *(Title has recently been changed from Becoming Your Best Self).

Unless we see others as they are today – not through echoes of how they may have been in the past when they hurt us, acted badly, or they were negative, judgmental, or aggressive, we are keeping how they were alive in us. We are keeping the hurt alive in us, or, we are allowing the negativity they spewed a space in our being.

To evolve, we must relinquish our emotions and judgments around negative attitudes and behaviors: ours – those of others and those from both the present and the past.

We are living in a time of great evolution. Of personal, spiritual, and societal evolution. As individuals, we are meant to evolve. However, we all evolve in our own way and on our own timeline. And the social structures that support the ideas that flow out of evolutionary moves forward follow – at least in democratic societies.

As humans we have always longed for love, fairness, compassion, and inclusivity. It is a memory of what once was – before form. We have been frustrated why others can’t extend these, and baffled why society can’t create the structures that support them. Our frustrations reflect what we know can be, should be, but what is not.

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