The Universal Law of Balance – Part 1 of 3 (and Part 6 in series of 8 on Universal Law)

The Law of Balance was set in place because our Universe is one of duality and polarity. Of yin and yang. I see the Law of Balance as having two aspects that affect us, but at different levels of our existence.

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There is the cosmic balancing law that works to hold the Universe and everything in it in proper balance, which affects us on the ethereal/psychic level and in consideration with our soul’s journey. This usually happens without our awareness.

  • The more human day-to-day way this Universal truth applies to us is that to function at our highest potentials while in physical form we need keep the various aspects of our being – our mind, body, and soul, or the mental, physical, and spiritual parts of us in proper balance. Our mental and physical aspects are intended to support what the spiritual part of us, or our soul, came here to do.

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On the Ethereal Level

At this level, the Law of Balance deals with our soul’s growth and its journey back to fully embracing the Oneness we are all a part of. To that end, each lifetime acts like a classroom whereby we are given lessons to learn and circumstances we are born into that allow for soul growth.

The specific lessons and circumstances of each lifetime are dependent upon which part of our soul’s journey we are to experience and fulfill here and now, as well how we managed and responded to what was set out in our past or most recent lifetime(s).

Although special circumstances may be preordained – like for the lives of the Masters, for most of us the deciding factors from the past or recent lifetimes taken into account are usually some combination of;

  • 1) how we handled the lessons we were to learn;
  • 2) how we navigated the circumstances we were born into, or situations that arose, and
  • 3) the balancing out of any harsh circumstances / situations that were not in our life plan.

1) How we managed the lessons we were to learn in the past lifetime(s) will dictate the circumstances of this lifetime. For example, if in our past life our lesson was to embrace our Oneness by overcoming a propensity to control and we were unable to override this urge to control others to their detriment or control situations that brought about negative results, in our next lifetime we will likely be at the beck and call of controllers. And if we were able to override our propensity to control, it is like we passed that test, and we will have new lessons to learn / or tendencies to override in the next lifetime.

2) How we dealt with the circumstances we were born into or situations that arose in our most recent lifetime(s) will dictate what our circumstances will be in this one. For example, if we were born into wealth and were stingy and/or wielded the power wealth brings with it over others, we will likely be born into impoverished or difficult circumstances next time. Conversely, if we were born into poverty and lived a life of integrity, generosity, and compassion for others, our life situation will likely be much better next time around.


3) Sometimes we are the victim of horrific circumstances / situations that were not in our life plan, and this is often balanced out next time around. As duality and free will play out, people are often caught in dire or war situations and suffer loss or physical or mental abuse by happenstance. Depending on how this is managed and the extent of the pain, these souls are often compensated in the next lifetime and are born into a nice and safe situation. They may have what might be considered an easy life.

These are some of the reasons it is so important not to judge others for their attitudes and behaviors or be disapproving of people’s life circumstances. As most of us go through life, we are simply attempting to navigate our life lessons or left-over karma as best we can, while some of us are benefiting from an earned ease of life. This balancing out in our various lifetimes is akin to the Eastern concept of karma.

See here for Part 2.  here for Part 3 .

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