Although We Yearn for Harmony, Greed, Judgement, Prejudice, and Hate are often Insidious and Hard to Override

Living at peace within ourselves and in harmony with others is what will make us happy: it is what we all yearn for. However, as many of us do not have a strong connection to our True Self, inner-peace often eludes us.

We unconsciously sense this lack of connection within our being causing inner frustration. In attempts to address this inner frustration, we may adopt attitudes that create disharmony around us.

Although Humanity has evolved spiritually considerably since – say the middle ages, many of the unfair and disempowering attitudes are still anchored within society.

For most of us, any negative or disempowering attitude we hold only causes conflict within our own sphere. However, we still see much blatant greed, biases, prejudice, inequality, and all aspects of hatred expressed in the world every day.

We are often appalled at how some people are treated – simply because of their size, sex, status, race, the color of their skin; for the way they dress, their beliefs, or their sexual orientation.

Witnessing unjust attitudes towards others may cause us to examine ours and may even encourage us to change them. It may inspire us to work to help a branch of society who is unfairly treated or disenfranchised. However, not all greed, judgement, prejudice, hate, and other disempowering attitudes about or towards others are so obvious and above-board.

Most of us are usually not greedy, judgmental, prejudiced, or harbor hate towards others. However, many of us do hold some subtle nuances of these attitudes buried within us – and sometimes they sneak out in covert, or even in overt ways.

Our personal and generational histories often held and even promoted negative attitudes towards others or groups of people – either through blame, revenge, judgement, prejudice, greed, hate, and even cruelty. And even if it did not, our collective history has.

We may not be overtly greedy, judgmental, or prejudice, but we still hold some cellular memory within us from Humanity’s past history of divisive and disempowering attitudes towards others. These may come out in subtle ways through our unconscious influences, which act upon us without our consent.

Society has evolved from say 200 years ago, and more recently we have become more conscious of the need to improve our attitudes and actions toward individuals and the disenfranchised. However, the influence of our past history is insidious and its effects are hard to shake.

Greed, prejudices, and injustice towards others are often deceptively crouched in ideals, social and religious beliefs, and even in helping others. These may be outwardly visible, or they may sneak out from time to time in subtle ways.

Most of us believe we are fair and accepting of all people,

And most of us are – most of the time.

However, sometimes we think we are being fair and accepting towards others but are unaware of how subtle the attitudes that promote negativity or unfairness can be. And some of us have become trapped in mind-sets that hold, support, and perpetuate biases, prejudices, and injustices.

We may uphold ideals, beliefs, or principles from past influences, adopt new ones, or get inspired to promote causes we believe are important. Most of the time we are able to do this without affronting others because of what they believe or support.

However, sometimes without realizing it in discussing our beliefs or endorsing or promoting our causes subtle judgments sneak in. And some of us believe we are justified in calling out others and criticizing their beliefs to promote ours.

Critical and attacking modes are left-over attitudes from our past history that we must work to overcome – individually and as a collective. They perpetuate disharmony, as the vibrations they give off invite more conflict into our life and the world.

Most of us are now realizing the value of extending respect to others, no matter how much we disagree with them. On a practical level, we can resolve differences more effectively with respectful communication and/or mediation. On an esoteric level, the vibrations this gives off creates an atmosphere for more resolution to take place in the world.

Many of us who have learned, been inspired by, or who have adopted new approaches to mental, physical, or spiritual health are anxious to share these findings with others. And most people do so with great insight and humility.

However, sometimes in our desire to share or to be helpful our passion turns into pushiness, and the other feels judged and in the wrong. Conveying newfound knowledge can make us feel important, and this can affect how we communicate it.

Our past has not trained us on the subtleties of judgement, biases, and prejudices. To ensure we are coming across as we intend, we must be aware of how others are receiving our messages.

Without realizing it, underlying threads of me-better-than-you, us-better-than-them, or a holier than though attitude can weave its way into our communications with others.

No matter what is going on around us, to create more harmony in our life and to help bring about a fairer, more accepting, and harmonious world, we can ensure that our communications with and about others are open and compassionate, and accepting of them – no matter how and in what way they are different from us. This helps people feel accepted and validated.

The more a person feels validated and accepted the less he or she is inclined to aggressive or defensive tendencies. They create more harmony around them, which helps diffuse disharmony with people they come in contact with who are not inclined to be fair or respectful.

Each open, compassionate, and accepting response we make creates a snowball effect. To ensure we are communicating in a way that builds up others we must:

Choose Our Words Carefully. Ensure Our Tone Is Gentle.

And Our Body Language Is Open.

We Must Not Fall into the Trappings of Greed – Even if It Is All Around Us

For eons, greed has been the mainstay of those in and with power and has been perpetrated upon the masses. Kings and rulers lorded over their people to such an extent that individuals starved while they lived in luxury.

This caused people who may not have otherwise been greedy to hide, hoard, and steal – just to survive. They were suspicious of those in power – and for good reason. They got stuck in a mind-set of lack – of there not being enough to go around, and a mind-set of disempowerment set in – of not having control over their circumstances.

Although today, at least in most parts of the world, our leaders are not greedy to the point that people are dying on the streets, but they still make the rules – often to suit themselves.

The wealthy still hold power over people’s lives as they get to hire, fire, buy-out indiscriminately, and make back-room deals to support their projects with often no concern for others involved, or for the public.

We now know that corruption is rampant among government, business, and the wealthy. We too have reason to be suspicious. And we are angry.

This may cause us to think that the government cheats me, so why shouldn’t I cheat on my taxes? However, doing so only perpetuates the problem, as cheating is buying into the belief that the Universe cannot provide for us.

We have inherited the mind-sets of lack and disempowerment from our ancestors. And we have been witness to, or even had experience of, the greed of those with power making decisions that benefit themselves to the detriment of others.

It is understandable that this might cause us to want to be stingy, greedy, to hoard, or to be concerned only about ourselves and our families. We do have to be practical with our finances regarding our futures, however, being concerned with only our own welfare perpetuates this old belief of lack in the world.

To help bring about an egalitarian world where everyone has everything they need and the opportunity to reach their potentials, we have to believe it can be so.

And we have to act on that belief by ensuring we are not being selfish or greedy with our finances, our goods, and our time – even if others are.

Our belief in abundance and the hope it encompasses creates the vibration to invite abundance and good things into our life. It also helps to create the atmosphere for abundance to flourish around the world so that everyone can live in comfort and feel empowered.


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Our personal and collective attitudes have shaped our past, affect our present, and create a blueprint for our future. (Introduction)

All Humanity’s issues arise from the false belief of our separateness from Source. (Introduction)

Humanity’s history has been based on conditional love. This has created conflicting messages within us, because we extol the virtues of love, but do not uphold them. (Chapter 1)

Somewhere deep within the crevices of our mind lies the cellular memories of the original feelings of living within a harmony-ruled paradigm, and so it remains a longing deep within us. (Chapter 1)

Feeling peace and being happy and empowered requires that we believe in our hearts that we deserve to feel peaceful, and be happy and empowered. (Chapter 3)

We have been detached from and unaware of the unconditional love that is at the core of our being. (Chapter 4)

Don’t wallow in what you have or haven’t done—don’t get stuck in the darkness! (Chapter 4)

It is usually our intellect that is running the show, and our right brain and its creative impulses is usually at its beck and call. (Chapter 4)

Couples are usually just smashing into each other trying to get their needs met. (Chapter 5)

We yearn for intimacy in our relationships, but the playing out of our unconscious influences drives wedges between us. (Chapter 5)

An understanding of past-lives and our past and current soul’s journey can explain why some children in a family may have an issue with say, addiction, while another does not. (Chapter 6)

All form we perceive is an illusion and is of a dualistic nature. Everything within this duality, including us, the Masters, the extra-terrestrials, the light-beings, the Archangels, Spirit, and even the Universe is an illusion. (Chapter 6)

The Universe is holographic. As we move beyond the limitations of the 3rd dimension Humanity has existed under we will be able to take advantage of all it entails. This will allow us to feel empowered, be able to reach our full potentials, and feel more connected to one another. (Chapter 7)

As we continue to uncover all about who the gods of old really were, we must be careful not to allow defensiveness about our beliefs to overshadow the true intentions of the Masters and the intrinsic value of the belief systems that blossomed in their wake. (Chapter 7)

Some of the changes Gaia is going through are simply part of her evolutionary process, but many are because of the abuse we have put upon her through greed, ignorance, and modernization. Both the physical and emotional abuses we have put upon our Planet has affected her, and she has had to shrug them off. (Chapter 9)

At one point in history Humanity lived in harmony with nature and lsustainably with the Planet’s natural elements. The further we fell into duality, lack, greed, and getting what we wanted and needed to survive became our motivation. This grew to such an extent that we now even manipulate nature to those ends. One of the Indigenous peoples’ main purposes was to maintain their connection to the Planet so that when we strayed, they would be able to show us the way back. We must heed their advice! (Chapter 9)

Keeping a vision of the highest ideal of our purpose at the forefront of our consciousness will help keep the pitfalls that monetary abundance and the power it brings with it at bay.  (Chapter 9)

The Ascension of Gaia is a cosmic event of huge proportions! At levels beyond our awareness we chose to be here on earth at this time of the Shift and Gaia’s Ascension for this personal and cosmic journey. (Chapter 10)

We don’t have to understand or even believe all the talk about the Shift or Ascension; we just have to embody or embrace the qualities of love inherent in the higher dimensions. (Chapter 10)

Just as we have the power to become all that we can be, we also have the power to create a beautiful, clean, safe world where everybody thrives. However, it will take collective optimistic vibrations to bring the world we want into our sphere of possibilities and overrule the lack paradigm that remains firmly entrenched in our unconscious minds. (Chapter 11)

The availability of free energy is in the realm of possibilities. However, we must believe in this potential; this will help Gaia align herself to the higher dimension from which we can more easily bring it forth. (Chapter 11)

We all have to find the balance between working within the realities of our lives and our world and aiming to create new and better realities wherever possible. (Conclusion)

Every contact with another person is an opportunity to offer notions of unity and Oneness, or those of polarity and separation. (Conclusion)


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