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Newsletter – The Importance of Appreciation – May 2018

Welcome to my May 2018 newsletter. The theme this month is on Appreciation. Here is a peak inside.


The Importance of Appreciation

Since we recently celebrated Mothers Day and Fathers Day is fast approaching lets consider the importance of Appreciation.

Appreciation for the People in Our Lives.

Appreciation for all that We Have.

 Appreciation for the Planet’s Beauty and her Abundance.

From a Practical Perspective Being Appreciative moves us into our heart space and makes us feel good. It creates a fondness around what we are appreciating. This goes into our memory bank and we can retrieve the feeling whenever we choose to – to feel good again.

From a Spiritual Perspective Being Appreciative creates a vibration that invites more of what we are appreciating into our lives.

~ Rosemary McCarthy© May, 2018.

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The Importance of Connecting to Mother Nature – April 2018 Newsletter

At this Time of the Year as Nature Comes Alive let’s All Resolve to Embrace the Healing Power of Connecting to Mother Nature.


Below is a Bit More of What I Discuss. 

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At this Time of the Year as Nature Comes Alive let’s All Resolve to Embrace the Healing Power of Connecting to Mother Nature.

All spiritual practices I have encountered encourage us to connect to nature in one way or another – that we can benefit from the connection just by being near it, around it, or immersed in it. Lucky are those whose work allows them to be surrounded by nature everyday!

I have even heard ministers finish off their sermons by suggesting we go sit by the lake and take in its peace and beauty. This is an encouragement to connect to our divinity – our true self, through nature – God’s canvas.

Connecting to our true self is vital for our happiness.

It is where joy abides. Where wisdom speaks to us. Where inspiration comes from.
Connecting to nature energizes us.






Newsletter – March 2018 – Happy Spring

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Newsletter – February 2018 – Valentine Message

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